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Sermons from May 2019

Religion Corroded

Continuing in our book study of Romans, Nate looks at the second half of chapter 2. The Jews had turned their religion into a tradition that didn’t really touch their lives. They were circumcised on the outside, but didn’t have a change of heart on the inside.

You Who Judge

From Romans 2, Nate talks this evening about the importance of not being being a hypocrite in our judgment of others. He also discusses the importance of being merciful when we are judging righteously from God’s Word. We will be judged by the same standard of measure by which we judge.

The Final Word

Amen. God put an exclamation point at the end of the Bible. He finished what He had to say to mankind and said “so be it”. The Bible ends with the invitation of Jesus, a warning about change, a promise of hope, and the grace of Jesus. Amen!

Speak Lord

Feelings can mean different things to different people. Words have known meanings that are defined. When it comes to our faith, it is most important to know what God says. We can’t depend on our feelings.