"A Place Where Christians Meet"

Sermons from April 2017


Whenever there is a 5th Sunday in a month, we have our evening worship run by different men in the congregation that oftentimes aren’t accustomed to leading a particular aspect of worship. Tonight, Adrian Zuniga, Carsten Russell, and Ethan Acuff all spoke for us. Adrian spoke on the difficulties in the life of Job. Carsten…

Two Conditions of the Soul

One of our elders, Zak Ball, spoke to us this morning about the two conditions that our soul can be in when we leave this earth. We can die in our sin or we can die in Jesus. The religious world gives conflicting information on what it takes to become a christian. Don’t take that chance…


While our preachers continue to be out of the country, different men of the congregation have been preaching for us to encourage and strengthen our faith. Sam Wyatt talks this morning about the confidence we can have through Christ and the dangers (foolishness) of being confident in ourselves or anyone else.


Philip Bowman gave us a throw back to the 90s this evening as he talked about WWJD – What Would Jesus Do? How did Jesus live? How did Jesus treat sinners? How did Jesus tell us to be saved? These are all great examples from our perfect Savior, Jesus.

Good News! He Is Alive!

While Nate and Chris continue to be gone overseas preaching, Denny Boyles spoke to us this morning on the significance of the resurrection to our faith. The resurrection calls us to change our lives in response.