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Sermons from January 2017

Lessons from the NFL

One of our members, Wes Peters, spoke this evening on Biblical principles taken from his favorite sport: football. What are you doing with your Bills? Are you a Steeler of God’s time? Are you a pew Packer? Are you facing the Giants with God on your side? Have you become a Saint?

Light vs Darkness

Chris spoke this morning on the importance of allowing God’s light to shine brightly through us. We need to be scared to death of the dark (spiritually speaking) because the absence of light means the absence of God. Are you shining brightly for God?

Am I a Giver or a Taker?

Chris talks this evening about the importance of giving of ourselves to others. In our physical world, much life is given by streams of water that move freely. While the Dead Sea in old Judah is a taker and no life can live in its waters. Your relationships are blessed or poisoned by your attitude…