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Sermons on Salvation

Raised Up

Speaking from Colossians 3, Chris talks about the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We, too, must die to sin, be buried in baptism, and raised up with Him in newness of life.

Thank you, Jesus

From Colossians 1 this morning, Chris walks us through the chapter to encourage us to build and strengthen our faith. He reminds us of the riches of Christ’s gift to us in our salvation and where we all came from…the domain of darkness and alienated from God.

Why Will Many Not Be Saved?

Mel Billington spoke to us this evening from Matthew 7, “Broad is the way to destruction, and many will enter into it.” Mel spoke of 3 reasons why many won’t be saved: Many don’t appreciate the seriousness of sin, Many love worldly things more than God, Many aren’t following God’s desire for worship.

Two Conditions of the Soul

One of our elders, Zak Ball, spoke to us this morning about the two conditions that our soul can be in when we leave this earth. We can die in our sin or we can die in Jesus. The religious world gives conflicting information on what it takes to become a christian. Don’t take that chance…