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Sermons on Christian Living

A Heart of Discipleship

From Luke 9, Kris built a case this evening around the need to have belief in Jesus and a heart of discipleship. When we follow Jesus, our cross will not always be comfortable, our faith might interfere with our family, and the time to work for Jesus might not always be convenient.

Where Am I?

Looking at Old Testament examples of God’s people, Chris historically went through different stages of where God’s people were. He then brought it forward to application of our time asking us to pose the question of ourselves: “Where Am I?” Am I in bondage? Like the children of Israel in slavery in Egypt. Am I…

Come As You Are

Chris spoke this morning on coming to Jesus. Using Romans 6, he talked about coming to Christ as we are (we don’t have to be perfect to come to Him), but we can’t stay as we were (in a life of sin). Christians aren’t perfect people, but we do have the ability to be blameless…

Do You Live a Shocking Life?

As people, often we are shocked when we here about gross immorality or heinous crimes. The world is just as shocked when they see a young man or woman not living with their significant other before they are married. The world is shocked when we actually love our spouse and stay married. The world is shocked when…


Philip Bowman gave us a throw back to the 90s this evening as he talked about WWJD – What Would Jesus Do? How did Jesus live? How did Jesus treat sinners? How did Jesus tell us to be saved? These are all great examples from our perfect Savior, Jesus.