"A Place Where Christians Meet"

Sermons by Nate Fritz (Page 6)

The Pearl of Great Price

Nate talks this evening about the Pearl of Great Price and the Hidden Treasure found in Matthew 13. The men in these two parables were willing to give everything they had to gain something of far greater value. Do you value Heaven so much that you are willing to give your everything to God?

Christianity in the 21st Century

When we need our soul saved from sin, we only need one thing: the saving blood of Jesus, the Christ. How we gain access to that blood hasn’t changed. Truth tells us how to gain salvation. Truth tells us what God wants from His people. Truth doesn’t change.

Better Together

Nate talks this morning about the togetherness that a local congregation must have to be pleasing to God. Jesus prayed for the unity of His people as well as the love that should be a witness to the world about the love of Christ.