"A Place Where Christians Meet"

Sermons by Nate Fritz

Religion Corroded

Continuing in our book study of Romans, Nate looks at the second half of chapter 2. The Jews had turned their religion into a tradition that didn’t really touch their lives. They were circumcised on the outside, but didn’t have a change of heart on the inside.

You Who Judge

From Romans 2, Nate talks this evening about the importance of not being being a hypocrite in our judgment of others. He also discusses the importance of being merciful when we are judging righteously from God’s Word. We will be judged by the same standard of measure by which we judge.

Brotherly Affection

The term brotherly love is actually a hybrid word in the Greek of Phileo (love for a comrade or friend in a mutual cause) and Storge (love towards one’s family). This deeper dive gives us a greater understanding of the love we should have for each other in Christ.

The Lord Knows

Continuing in II Peter, Nate talks about the fact that neither evil nor righteousness escape the Lord’s notice. God takes care of those who are His and He punishes the wicked that care nothing for Him.

Abraham’s Visitors

From Genesis 18, Nate talks this morning about the unexpected visitors to Abraham and Sarah. The Lord tells them once again about their upcoming child and we also see an insight into the judgment and mercy of God.