"A Place Where Christians Meet"

Sermons by Chris Melton

The Sanctity of Life

With all the mass shootings that have happened this year, Chris talks this morning about the God who created life. We did NOT come from slime in an accidental, haphazard way. God designed us, created us, and He continually (still) gives our life-breath.

Come As You Are

Chris spoke this morning on coming to Jesus. Using Romans 6, he talked about coming to Christ as we are (we don’t have to be perfect to come to Him), but we can’t stay as we were (in a life of sin). Christians aren’t perfect people, but we do have the ability to be blameless […]

Owner or Hired Hand?

Looking at the words of Jesus from John 10, Chris made application this morning about our attitudes in the Kingdom of Heaven. Do we approach christianity like we have “Buy-in” or do we treat God like we are punching a time clock?

Aquila and Priscilla – Partners in Serving

Chris spoke this morning on the importance of having a godly spouse. Our service to God can be so much better when we have a partner to serve with, one who encourages us and keeps us motivated. Chris talked about the shortage of spiritual men and women out there who are ready to submit themselves […]

Thank you, Jesus

From Colossians 1 this morning, Chris walks us through the chapter to encourage us to build and strengthen our faith. He reminds us of the riches of Christ’s gift to us in our salvation and where we all came from…the domain of darkness and alienated from God.

Do You Live a Shocking Life?

As people, often we are shocked when we here about gross immorality or heinous crimes. The world is just as shocked when they see a young man or woman not living with their significant other before they are married. The world is shocked when we actually love our spouse and stay married. The world is shocked when […]

Taming the Tongue

Chris speaks this evening about the tongue. James 3 tells us the tongue is impossible to tame. So, does that mean we shouldn’t even try? Absolutely not! We strive to be holy like God is holy, though we stumble and stumble again. We keep trying to live pure in every aspect of our lives to […]