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Turning Negatives into Positives

When Someone Kicks You When You’re Down

Taking a closer look at a less well-known event in David’s life, Nate talked about how to handle someone slapping you in the face when you’re already on your knees. David runs from his son, who has led a coup and an uprising of his own people. While on the run, a man runs with them…cursing David the…


Chris talked this morning about different ways we stay off the grid. Maybe we’re embarrassed about clinical issues like depression, so we hide. Maybe we’re trapped in sin, and we hide.

Confrontation of a Friend in Sin

Chris continues a series on looking at different negative situations and how they can have positive outcomes. This morning we looked at confronting a friend who is in sin. No one likes to have these difficult conversations! However, if we truly love a person, we will want to help them in whatever way we can.

When God Chooses You to Do Something

Taking a lesson from Exodus, Nate continues a series of lessons on Turning Negatives into Positives. God gives us jobs that He knows we can handle with His strength. Those jobs may require more of us than we had thought we were willing to give. What will you do? Will you trust God?


Looking at an Old Testament man, Chris talks this morning about betrayal.  Continuing his lessons on turning negatives into positives, he discusses the responsibility we have in forgiving those who wrong us.