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The Beatitudes

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

Continuing in the beatitudes this morning, Nate talked about being pure in heart. When we talk about purity, who’s standard of purity are we striving for? Do think about being better that “so-and-so”? or “I’ve never killed anybody”? When we recognize who we are in relation to God, and we strive to be like Him,…

Blessed Are They That Mourn

Continuing in the series from the Beatitudes, Nate speaks on the important place mourning should have in our lives. No one enjoys being sad or crying, yet mourning naturally brings us closer to God than we tend to when all is going well. Nate also discusses the importance of godly sorrow (mourning) over our sin.

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

Continuing the series in the beatitudes, Nate talks on what it means to be poor in spirit. As a self-absorbed society that lives its life in the spotlight of social media, we tend to think everyone should care what we are doing or what we think. That is NOT a “poor in spirit” attitude. When…