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Sermons on John

Six More Days

Continuing in his lessons from John, Nate speaks to us today from chapter 12. It is 6 days until the Passover and Jesus’ death is quickly approaching. What would you be doing if you knew it was the last week of your life? What is Jesus doing during the last week of His life?

Resurrected Christ

Looking at the life of Thomas, we too can go from Disbelief to Renewal. Thomas is not faithless. His faithfulness is shown in the gospel of John earlier: In chapter 11 he is ready to die with Jesus in Jerusalem, in chapter 14 he asks Jesus an important question that we all need the answer […]

Thinking About Eternity – Heaven

This is the conclusion to a two-part lesson on eternity. Nate first discusses Hell, then in tonight’s lesson he discusses Heaven. Hell is the place where God will not be. No reunions, no homecomings…just darkness & torment without God. Heaven is the place where God WILL be. Reunions, smiles, praising God…eternity wth God!

Owner or Hired Hand?

Looking at the words of Jesus from John 10, Chris made application this morning about our attitudes in the Kingdom of Heaven. Do we approach christianity like we have “Buy-in” or do we treat God like we are punching a time clock?