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Sermons on John

Thinking About Eternity – Heaven

This is the conclusion to a two-part lesson on eternity. Nate first discusses Hell, then in tonight’s lesson he discusses Heaven. Hell is the place where God will not be. No reunions, no homecomings…just darkness & torment without God. Heaven is the place where God WILL be. Reunions, smiles, praising God…eternity wth God!

Owner or Hired Hand?

Looking at the words of Jesus from John 10, Chris made application this morning about our attitudes in the Kingdom of Heaven. Do we approach christianity like we have “Buy-in” or do we treat God like we are punching a time clock?

Christianity in the 21st Century

When we need our soul saved from sin, we only need one thing: the saving blood of Jesus, the Christ. How we gain access to that blood hasn’t changed. Truth tells us how to gain salvation. Truth tells us what God wants from His people. Truth doesn’t change.

Judas Iscariot – The Servant Who Lied

Jeff Tipton spoke this morning on Judas Iscariot and his apostleship. He made the point that Judas filled the ministry of the apostles for 3 years, and all the way up to the night he betrayed Christ, his fellow apostles had no idea. At what point did Judas begin to have a heart problem? At […]

Joseph of Arimathea – The Secret Servant

Sometimes it takes a crisis in someone’s life for them to decide to let their light shine. One of our elders, Zak Ball, suggests this is possibly what gave Joseph the strength (Jesus’ death) to let his faith in Jesus be displayed. He spoke on the importance of letting our faith in Jesus be seen!