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Looking at an Old Testament man, Chris talks this morning about betrayal.  Continuing his lessons on turning negatives into positives, he discusses the responsibility we have in forgiving those who wrong us.

What Is Church?

The church is beautiful! The church is awesome because the Savior of the church is Awesome, the church has an awesome mission, the church provides an awesome family, and the church has an awesome message!

Where Am I?

Looking at Old Testament examples of God’s people, Chris historically went through different stages of where God’s people were. He then brought it forward to application of our time asking us to pose the question of ourselves: “Where Am I?” Am I in bondage? Like the children of Israel in slavery in Egypt. Am I […]

Pray and Put Away Pride

Continuing his series on prayer, Nate talks about the necessity of having humility in prayer. The pharisee and the tax collector of Luke 18 are prime examples of keeping our hearts in check when we approach the throne of the Father.

Fifth Sunday Lessons

In a month where we have 5 Sundays, it is our tradition to have two speakers preach a shorter lesson each.  This file has both lessons in one.

Raised Up

Speaking from Colossians 3, Chris talks about the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We, too, must die to sin, be buried in baptism, and raised up with Him in newness of life.