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The Suffering Servant and His Servants

Tonight’s lesson kicked off our series with visiting preacher, Melvin Curry. Melvin works and worships with a congregation of saints in Crystal River, FL. The series this weekend is entitled The Lord’s Servants. Melvin starts off in Isaiah and moves into II Corinthians discussing the Messiah and His saints.

The Joy of Servanthood

Serving God and serving others. Chris talks this morning about this important topic. Christ gave us a perfect example of what it looks like to serve other people. There is natural joy that comes from this selfless act!

Lessons from the NFL

One of our members, Wes Peters, spoke this evening on Biblical principles taken from his favorite sport: football. What are you doing with your Bills? Are you a Steeler of God’s time? Are you a pew Packer? Are you facing the Giants with God on your side? Have you become a Saint?