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Youth For God 2018

It’s time for our annual Youth for God series. We’re trying a little different format this year to make the sessions more class-oriented and discussion-friendly. The focus will be on teenagers. Jim Anderson will be presenting each of the lessons for this wonderful weekend. Friday night and Saturday, the class sessions will be held in the homes of members, with an additional Saturday afternoon singing at a local assisted living facility.

The plan is to drop off your teen Friday night (with clothes to spend the night and for the next day). We have arranged for different families to host groups of 2-4 kids Friday night and bring them Saturday morning to the next Bible Study. Transportation to get from place to place will be provided for by the different adults helping with each of the sessions. Then, local parents will come pick up their teen at the home of the Reynolds on Saturday night at 8:00 pm. IF you are coming from out of town, please give us a heads up, and we will be happy to have your child spend the night again with one of our families. We would love to have them all day on Sunday!

Friday night beginning at 6:30 will be a session in the home of Jim Ward.

Saturday morning in the home of Stan and Joanna Lewis.

Saturday Noon in the home of Sam and Emma Wyatt.

Saturday evening in the home of Jamie and Jennifer Reynolds.

Sunday Bible class and worship will be in our regularly scheduled meeting place.

For more detailed information regarding locations, times, etc, please email us at slewis1967@gmail.com or natefritz@gmail.com