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Posts from January 2017

Looking for the Right Church

In today’s world, it can seem like there are churches on every street corner. The list of “options” can be confusing and challenging. Many people are concerned about finding the “right” church. There are some great Biblical churches, and there are some unbiblical churches. Which of these do you think you should be part? Should […]

Just Christians

As a chunk of charcoal rolled down from the top of the heap, one of the guys there piped up and said that this is what happens to the Christian who separates themselves from the body of Christ.  “It turns cold,” he said.  This was said by a man I barely knew at a bonfire […]

Plug it in, Plug it in

Way back in the 90’s, there was a commercial that began to air on TV for Glade air fresheners.  The jingle from that advertisement is still lodged in my brain to this day: “Plug it in, plug it in.”  If you are unsure of the tune, just search for it on youtube.  When we entertain […]

Let them Come to Him

It was in April of 2013 when my wife, Grace, my four-month old little baby girl, Jolie (now four years old), and I were on our way to the Milwaukee Ave church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas for the very first time.  Nervous was not the right word to describe how I felt before we got […]

Be a River, Not a Pond

Growing up in East Tennessee, I was blessed to live close to the water. I spent much of my time out on the lake swimming and fishing. In high school, I worked on the docks of a marina, parking boats and filling them up with gas. It beat working at the fast-food places where most […]